Martin Kongsbak-Wismann

Martin Kongsbak-Wismann

Associate Professor, Assistant Professor

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    Primary field of interest and current research

    I am interested in and fascinated about the immune system and how an immune response is initiated. Specifically, I am interested in how vitamin D3 is affecting the immune response. Thus, since my bachelors project, I have been researching various aspects of the vitamin D receptor, and how this central receptor is affecting the immunological response in vitro and in vivo.


    Therefore, my current research focuses around:

    • How the GLP-1 receptor (GLP-1R) expression and its functionality implicates T cell differentiation, and how vitamin D3 affects GLP-1R expression
    • How Th22 cells is implicated in the disease, atopic dermatitis (AD), and how Th22 differentiation is affected by engagement of the vitamin D receptor (VDR)
    • How a rare mutation in the VDR affects the immunological response both in vitro and in vivo
    • How the vitamin D binding protein (DBP) regulates the bioavailability of vitamin D3 for immune cells



    • Invited lecturer at the BSc. Course “Cellular and Medical Immunology”
    • Responsible for managing and supervising a subgroup of graduate and undergraduate students
    • Recurrent lecturer at the course “Lægedansk” at Gentofte hospital, lecturing about how vitamin D3 affects the immunological response – lectures given in Danish.
    • Attendee or invited speaker at several conferences in USA, Germany, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Estonia, Sweden


    ID: 34780414