Michael Alifrangis

Michael Alifrangis

Associate Professor

Member of:

  • DRUGS team

Primary fields of research

I am primarily interested in improving the treatment of malaria by antimalarial drugs and factors affecting the outcome. Furthermore, much emphasis of my research is on the use of molecular markers as tools to monitor and possibly hinder emergence and spread of drug resistance in the malaria endemic world.

Current research

Research in antimalarial drugs is currently based on testing:

  • The efficiency of antimalarial drugs in treatment of various patient groups
  • The availability and quality of antimalarial drugs in the malaria endemic world
  • The molecular mapping of antimalarial drug resistance by genotyping malaria parasites from various malaria endemic areas

Furthermore, current research is as well by involvement in general studies of malaria epidemiology and trends of decreasing malaria in selected African countries. 


Supervision of a number of technicians, Master students and PhD students

Some teaching and supervision at the Master of International Health program

Facilitator and lecturer at several methodological courses

Fields of interest

Research capacity building has been a mainstay of much of my research and has involved the training including course facilitation and methodology transfer of various methods to partner institutions in Tanzania, Ghana, Mozambique and Sri Lanka.

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