Lea Klingenberg Barfod

Lea Klingenberg Barfod

Associate Professor

Member of:

  • EPITOPE team

Since receiving my PhD degree, I have worked towards establishing a strong group in malaria immunology with focus on protective antibodies. Some years ago, I decided to move my research to University of Oxford to gain further technical and academic expertise and to get the chance to work closer together with some of the World’s leading scientists at this top rated University. In 2018 I returned to Denmark to combine experiences, skills and knowledge, gained from Oxford, La Trobe University (Australia) as well as Denmark. My vision is a group with high international standard with strong biotechnical expertise in; 1) antibody production and characterisation; 2) antibody systems serology; 3) functional pathogen inhibition assays; 4) VLP production and immunisations; 5) B cell bioinformatics and 6) testing of clinical samples. The research has originated from my enduring passion for understanding complex host pathogen interactions, immune evasion and not least; protective antibodies.

ID: 33042918