ISIM Talks 2024

Maersk Tower

ISIM Talks - where primarily PhD Students and post docs will present their research for the rest of us. But also new PIs coming to the Department, or researchers coming home from abroad, are invited to use this forum to presenting their research.

Welcome to ISIM Talks Spring 2024 –on Wednesdays from 15-16 in the Maersk Tower, Floor 15, Foredragssalen (07-15-92).

The ISIM Talks 2024 will take place the following dates:

28 February
20 March
24 April
12 June

Speaker line-up 2024 Spring

28 February

Immunology: Farideh Moharrek
Bacteriology: Doaa Higazy
Parasitology: Caroline Bang Løppke
Virology: Emma Alberte Lundsgaard

20 March

Virology: Andreas Holst Holmegaard Sørensen
Immunology: Urs Michael Mörbe
Bacteriology: Christian Lerche
Parasitology: Anna Kathrine Okholm

24 April

Parasitology: Mary Lopez-Perez
Virology: Carlos Duarte Hernandez
Immunology: Henrik Kløverpris
Bacteriology: Nicolai Riff Alexandersen 

12 June

Bacteriology: Shahab Shahryari
Parasitology: Michael Theisen
Virology: Greta Vizgirdaite
Immunology: Terkild Brink Buus