ISIM Talks 2023

Maersk Tower

ISIM Talks - where primarily PhD Students and post docs will present their research for the rest of us. But also new PIs coming to the Department, or researchers coming home from abroad, are invited to use this forum to presenting their research.

The ISIM Talks 2023 will take place the following dates:

23 February
30 March
20 April
25 May

You can find the name of the speakers below

23 February
Bacteriology: Michael Givskov
Immunology: Dorthe Maria Vittrup
Parasitology: Helle Hansson
Virology: Alekxander Binderup

30 March
Bacteriology: Blaine Gabriel Fritz
Immunology: Elena Hoffer
Parasitology: Nanna Skeltved
Virology: Anna Falden Offersgaard

20 April
Bacteriology: Ida Clement Thaarup
Immunology: Maria Abildgaard Steffensen
Parasitology: Cyrielle Fougeroux
Virology: Rui Costa

25 May
Bacteriology: Oana Ciofu
Immunology: Kelvin Yeung
Parasitology: Mohammad Naghizadeh
Virology: Long Pham