All administrative staff

NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Ahmad, SanaLaboratory technician Skin Inflammation and Cancer  E-mail
Andersen, Pernille KellerLaboratory technician Infectious Immunology Group +45 353-37408E-mail
Chehabi, NahlaLaboratory technician CMP - VAR2CSA team +45 353-26806E-mail
Corfitz, AnneLaboratory technician CMP - VAR2CSA team +45 353-27678E-mail
Dalsgaard, BittenCentre coordinator Centerkoordinator +45 353-31583E-mail
Damiri, SabrinaLaboratory technician trainee CMP - VAR2CSA team  E-mail
Ditlevsen, Ditlev Jan-FinnHead of section Head of Section +45 353-27856E-mail
Elkjær, Marianne BondegaardLaboratory technician  +45 353-37394E-mail
Frederiksen, AndreasLaboratory technician   E-mail
Geisler, CarstenHead of Department T Cell Biology and Skin Inflammation +45 353-27880E-mail
Guzunov, Ana MariaLaboratory technician trainee CMP - VAR2CSA team  E-mail
Hansen, Amanda OvergaardLaboratory technician trainee CMP- DISCOVERY team  E-mail
Hansen, Susan KristineDepartment secretary Administration +45 353-27850E-mail
Hellstrand, JohanFinancial officer Administration +45 353-27852E-mail
Hueyploo, ChumpolLaboratory technician  +45 53 63 00 53E-mail
Jacobsen, BenjaminLaboratory technician  +45 26 56 69 57E-mail
Jacobsen, Ulla JuelLaboratory assistant  +45 353-37395E-mail
Jahn, Charlotte VilhelmsenLaboratory assistant  +45 353-26371E-mail
Jensen, Emilie BülowLaboratory assistant   E-mail
Jensen, Tenna GribfeldtLaboratory technician CMP - GLURP team +45 353-27677E-mail
Jespersen, Jan ErlingLaboratory technician  +45 353-34285E-mail
Johansen, Dorte HollerSenior adviser CMP - ADMIN team +45 353-27677E-mail
Kjær, MajkenLaboratory intern Eye Research Unit +45 353-33788E-mail
Knudsen, MarianneLaboratory assistant CMP - VAR2CSA team  E-mail
Larsen, Lau FabriciusAcademic research officer Infectious Immunology Group  E-mail
Larsen, Lau FabriciusAcademic research officer Infectious Immunology Group  E-mail
Madsen, Mette UllaLaboratory technician CMP - TARGETS team +45 353-27678E-mail
Mørk, LouiseLaboratory manager T Cell Biology and Skin Inflammation +45 353-36603E-mail
Nielsen, Anne KirstineLaboratory technician Unit of Bacteriology +45 353-26659E-mail
Nielsen, LotteLaboratory technician Laboratory of Experimental Immunology +45 353-37421E-mail
Nielsen, LouiseLaboratory technician Copenhagen Hepatitis C Program  E-mail
Nielsen, Susanne LückingLaboratory technician CMP - DISCOVERY team +45 353-27108E-mail
Norup, Liselotte RothmannAcademic research officer Infectious Immunology Group +45 353-34723E-mail
Orfin, Klaudia AlexandraLaboratory technician trainee   
Pallesen, Emil Marek HeymansProject manager Skin Inflammation and Cancer  E-mail
Pedersen, Gitte PaaskeLaboratory assistant   
Pedersen, JanLaboratory technician Unit of Bacteriology +45 353-32605E-mail
Plon, Ludwig Johannes BennoLaboratory assistant  +45 353-31793E-mail
Rasmussen, Lisbeth LouiseLaboratory technician  +45 353-27858E-mail
Rasmussen, Peter Overbeck SharmaLaboratory technician Experimental Virology Group +45 353-31892E-mail
Ruders, Josephine HallundbækLaboratory assistant   E-mail
Samdal, Nils ErikDepartment administrator Administration +45 353-27940E-mail
Schandorff, Sofie AmalieLaboratory technician CMP -VAR2CSA team +45 26 25 39 57E-mail
Stolearenco, VeronicaAcademic staff Skin Inflammation and Cancer  E-mail
Thomadsen, Hanne Maria MøllerLaboratory technician Laboratory of Experimental Immunology +45 353-27887E-mail
Thorndahl, Charlotte VibekeLaboratory technician T Cell Biology and Skin Inflammation/Eye Research Unit +45 353-34047E-mail
Thurøe, Anne KjærgaardLaboratory Master   E-mail
Weber, Julie FriisLaboratory technician T Cell Biology and Skin Inflammation/Eye Research Unit +45 353-27277E-mail