The T Cell Biology and Skin Inflammation Group

Our goal is to get a better understanding of how T cells are activated, differentiated and maintained in the skin and the role they play locally and systemically. We hope that this will lead to a better understanding of inflammatory skin diseases which could result in the development of better treatments.



































Group Leader

Charlotte Menné Bonefeld
MSO Professor

Phone +45 3532 7866

Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Anne-Sofie Østergaard Gadsbøll Postdoc +4535336887 E-mail
Carsten Geisler Professor +4535327880 E-mail
Charlotte Menne Bonefeld Head of Department +4535327866 E-mail
Charlotte Menne Bonefeld Professor +4535327866 E-mail
Fatima Abdul Hassan Al-Jaberi PhD Student +4535332373 E-mail
Kelvin Yeung PhD Student +4535335824 E-mail
Louise Mørk Laboratory Technician +4535336603 E-mail
Martin Kongsbak-Wismann Assistant Professor +4535337401 E-mail
Veronika Mraz PhD Student +4531322376 E-mail