Ida Elin Maria Uddbäck

Ida Elin Maria Uddbäck


  • Immunology

    Blegdamsvej 3B, Building: 07-13-65

    2200 København N.

    Phone: +45 35 33 74 09

Already during my first basic course in immunology I knew that this was my passion in science. The fascination of interplay between the innate and the adaptive immune system to battle pathogens has stuck with me ever since. I started my research career in a bacteriology lab putting the groundwork for my molecular biology background. I have since moved on to focus more on the immune response to viral infections. Specifically, my research has focused on CD8 T cells in the respiratory tract and how we can utilize these in a vaccine against viral infections. During my phD I analyzed the vaccine potential of internal genes from influenza encoded in an adenovirus vector, which so far has resulted in 3 peer-reviewed articles, and 2 manuscripts in preparation. Starting my post doctoral research I will contnue to investigate the CD8 T cells in the respiratory system with a focus on the tissue-resident memory T cells and aim to understand basic concepts for their development in the lung.

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