The Eye Research Group

The work of the Eye Research group focuses on basic immunology and as well as ocular biology and immunology. We try to understand and characterize basic mechanisms of importance for immune regulation and cell survival.







































Group Leader

Mogens Holst Nissen

Phone +45 353 27268

Mobile +45 287-57268

Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Bjørg Skjøth Lunding PhD student +45 353-33827 E-mail
Charlotte Vibeke Thorndahl Laboratory technician +45 353-34047 E-mail
Ellen Magdalena Staudinger Laboratory assistant   E-mail
Josefine Kofoed PhD student +45 353-32522 E-mail
Julie Friis Weber Laboratory technician +45 353-27277 E-mail
Maja Søberg Udsen PhD student +45 353-36995 E-mail
Majken Kjær Laboratory technician +45 353-33788 E-mail
Maria Abildgaard Steffensen Assistant professor +45 353-37475 E-mail
Mogens Holst Nissen Professor +45 353-27268 E-mail

External group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Egle Paskeviciute Master Student