Yellow Fever Vaccination – University of Copenhagen

No more participants needed
The interest has been amazing and we now have enough participants to conduct the research. We are deeply grateful for your participation.

A complete analysis of the T cell epitopes induced by Yellow Fever virus vaccination

Here, you will find information on participating in our ongoing research effort to understand how the Yellow Fever vaccine works. You will be able to read the information. If you are able to do so, please print and fill out the two downloadble forms (right side of this page) and bring them with you, when you are going to get your Yellow Fever vaccination. Otherwise, we will provide you with a copy of the documents at that time.

The distribution of yellow fever can change over time, and the map is therefore not necessarily entirely correct at this time. In addition, some countries requires that you have valid yellow fever vaccination upon entry. The vaccination clinics will know which travel destination where it will be advisable or even mandatory to receive a yellow fever vaccination.