Laboratory of Experimental Immunology

The Laboratory of Experimental Immunology (LEI) strives to understand the peptide-specific, MHC-restricted nature of T cell recognition. Our interests focus on antigen presentation to T cells, and in particular on the interaction between peptides and MHC class I and II molecules. We have launched the "human MHC project" (,, which aims at a complete mapping of all human MHC specificities. We have systematically worked to include all human MHC molecules. Recently, we have also used the experience gained from the human project to address MHC molecules in important animal species.

LEI believes that the future ability of any scientist and/or clinician to rapidly screen entire genomes /transcriptomes, proteomes etc, multiple pathogen isolates and include all human immune diversity (that is human MHC, or HLA) will provide an entirely new approach to the development of vaccines and immunotherapy.