22 December 2021

World-Class Professor receives 'Ridderkorset'


Professor Jens Bukh is knighted for his research in hepatitis C

Professor Jens Bukh receives 'Ridderkorset'
"It makes me proud to receive this order of the Dannebrog, also because my grandfather, who was a farmer and was called the same as me, also received the order as long-term chair of the Board in the cooperation Dansk-Andels-Cementfabrik," says Jens Bukh.

It is the Rector of the University of Copenhagen who has nominated Jens Bukh to receive this award, as Jens Bukh has made a significant contribution to the development of new medical treatments for viral diseases.

With a number of discoveries, Jens Bukh has made it possible to cure the virus disease hepatitis C, which can lead to both cirrhosis of the liver and liver cancer. His research takes place in an ongoing exchange between basic research, clinical training and education.



History and tradition

The order of Dannebrog is a Danish Knight's order founded by Christian the 5th and is thus loaded with history and tradition.

"I'm very pleased if an order like this can put more emphasis on my field of research, hepatitis C. It is a disease that globally kills nearly half a million people every year. I am also pleased, if a recognition like this can help to draw attention to the University of Copenhagen, and to Amager and Hvidovre Hospital as a research institution," Jens Bukh says.

"The Hepatitis Guru"

Professor Jens Bukh receives a lot of recognition for his research. In the health medias, Jens Bukh is recognized for his work with hepatitis C, which has led to more than 200 publications and several patents.

'Dagens Medicin' has just published a portrait article about his research as part of a serie of  world-class Danish clinical research. You can read the article about Jens Bukh and his groundbreaking research into hepatitis C here  (with subscription and in Danish)


Source: Thanks to Communication at Hvidovre Hospital