Basic and Clinical Allergology – University of Copenhagen

Basic and Clinical Allergology (I & II)

Aim and content

This interdisciplinary course aims at giving the participant knowledge of methods, techniques, and concepts in the study of allergic diseases. The course is a part of the Graduate School of Immunology and is held as a journal club.


One hour workshops of participants and invited lecturers on the basic and clinical topics of allergology including the diseases: asthma, hay fever, anaphylaxis, atopic dermatitis, food allergy, drug allergy; the diagnostic tools: allergen challenges of target organs, skin prick tests, in vitro methods (specific IgE-determinations, histamine release); and the pathophysiological and immunological background: T-  B-lymphocytes, IgE-synthesis, Th1 vs. Th2. vs Treg cells and cytokines, mast cells, basophils and eosinophils, mediators and cytokine, immunological processes, signal-transduction mechanisms.


English (if all participants are Danish, course language may be Danish)


Weekly workshops.

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